Mom Time at Fluffy Fields Winery in Dickinson

Fluffy Fields Vineyard Dickinson ND

A step into the tasting room at Fluffy Fields Winery is a step into relaxed comfort. This family owned and operated vineyard was southwest North Dakota’s first full-service winery, and they continue to be a destination in Dickinson.

Fluffy Fields Winery Dickinson ND

The wines offered at Fluffy Fields feature grapes grown on the premises, locally grown produce, and North Dakota honey. When it comes to shopping local, it doesn’t get much more desirable than this.

Fluffy Fields prides themselves on offering great wine paired with great food. To experience that greatness first hand, I recommend one of the winery’s tasting options.

Two options are available for tasting. The first offers five one-ounce pours and a five-ounce glass of your favorite. I chose the second, which offers the opportunity to taste one-ounce samples of all ten wines. Each option is $10, offering excellent value for money.

Fluffy Fields Winery Dickinson ND

Not sure what kind of wine you like, or not usually a wine drinker? This is a great opportunity to explore. Even if you’re a connoisseur, you’re sure to find a new local favorite.

Wines range from the dry to the semi-sweet, and a seasonal sangria is available for those who like things a little sweeter. A tasting menu is provided with information on each wine.

Next, dig into the menu. Fluffy Fields offers a wide variety of food perfect for enjoying with your wine, but I was instantly drawn to their board offerings. Labeled as “lite bites,” the board and the cheese board are beautifully curated and can be made for the number of people at your table.

Fluffy Fields Winery Dickinson ND


The board includes specialty cheeses, cured meats, fruit, veggies, nuts, sweet and savory dips and sauces, crackers, and a toasted baguette. I opted for the cheese board, which was a lovely spread including this decadent goat cheese drizzled with honey, along with a variety of other specialty cheese, nuts and crackers. It was just the right selection to enjoy with my wine.

Tours of the grounds are available, check with a team member for additional information. Or you can grab a map and set off to explore for yourself! Whatever you do, be sure to ask questions. Crafting wine is an art, and the crew at Fluffy Fields Winery will be happy to share.

Wines are also available for purchase, so you’ll probably want to head home with a bottle or two. I opted for the Marquette, a medium bodied dry wine, and the Sweet Caroline, a semi-sweet blend of rhubarb and apples with a hint of caramel.

Fluffy Fields Winery Dickinson ND

Got a taste for the local goodness and want to expand on the adventure? Fluffy Fields Winery is part of North Dakota Tourism’s Beer and Wine Trail, listing small-scale wine producers and microbreweries across the state. Download the map and find your next spot to explore! Maybe up to Watford City to visit StoneHome Brewing Company, where the Peltons and Stenehjems have been crafting beer for just over a year.

And one last tip before you go – don’t forget that designated driver. A safe day is a fun day!


  1. I love the atmosphere! All of the wine sounds so tasty!

  2. Oooh, looks like you guys had a fun day here! The place looks charming – straight out of an English novel. I’m sure this must a paradise for wine lovers. 🙂

  3. That looks like a great afternoon. I love going to different wineries and trying the wines they make.

  4. I adore wine tasting, especially when cheese and nibbles are involved too. Sounds like a recipe for a great time!

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