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North Dakota

When we aren’t traveling, our home base is in beautiful western North Dakota, where we live and work. I love being a North Dakotan! We have been here 14 years, raised our kiddos here, and happily being a part of this great community.

I wanted to celebrate other bloggers who live and work where I do, but when I went looking for a list of North Dakota-based bloggers, I came up short. So I decided I needed to create a list for myself, to encourage others to support their hometown writers!

By no means am I suggesting this list is inclusive, and I will continue to add to it as I find new writers to celebrate in the Peace Garden State. Please give them a click, read what they have to say, and support them in any way you choose.

North Dakota Bloggers

Jessica Ballou of Beyoutiful Beauty

Chelsea Fetch at Do You Even Paleo

Kelly Entzel at K&K Entzel

Luanna Fisketjon at Loving and Surviving

Jessie Veeder at Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Ben Hanson of Mr. Full-time Dad

Laura Beth Rotenberger of Mrs. Laura Beth

Molly Yeh at My Name is Yeh

Jess Almlie of Next Step Leader

Kelli Bowen at NoDakKelli

Ladies of North Dakota Farm Bureau at On Your Table

Alicia Underlee Nelson of Prairie Style File

Katie Sullivan of Pretty Domesticated

Jane Sveen of Salty Jane

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan at Sifa’s Corner

NDSU Sigma Alpha Professional Sorority at Sisters of the North

Katie Pinke at The Pinke Post

Jim Fuglie of The Prairie Blog

Tori Dany at Tori Dany Designs

Carie Marshall Moore at Tractor Rounds and Coffee Grounds

Crysta Parkinson at Well Worn Suitcase

Do you know a North Dakota blogger? Leave their link in the comments, I would love to add them to this list!



  1. Thanks for the inclusion. Going to check out all the other blogs today ❤️😊

  2. Hi there, my blog has been an adventure this past year! I have managed to write weekly. Thanks for putting together the list. I’m off to do some reading!

  3. The NoDak Kelli blog.

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