A Day out at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is downtown, across from Olympic Park and World of Coke, at 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive. If you’re visiting Atlanta with kids, it is a must visit! Aimed at the smaller children (ages 8 and below), this museum is a fully hands-on experience for the littles. Everything in the museum is meant to be touched, which is the key to a great children’s museum.

Quiet Space / Quiet Area

Five-year-old Bria and I visited the museum on a weekday afternoon, and found that it was a busy place, filled with lots of children, and lots of activity. Because of this, our first stop needed to be this Quiet Space. Walking into the museum was a little bit overwhelming for Bria, so we had to find a quiet corner to acclimate in. We were thankful for this great space to do that.

Playing in the sandbox

Once she was settled in and got comfortable with our surroundings, we went to check out the sandbox – always a favorite. She played with some other children, and built some fun creations.

Dressing up as a tap dancer

Dress-up is fun, but it’s even more fun when you get to dress up as a tap dancer and dance away on a wooden floor.

There was plenty of hands-on fun to be had. The museum does a great job of integrating a variety of activities to help children look at a topic from multiple angles. Many of the exhibits when we visited revolved around food and understanding where our food comes from, so she shopped in a store, planted a garden, and made her own burger with paper, scissors, and glue.


Making a burger with paper, scissors, and glue

There are also live shows! While we were there, we saw a fun show where organizers did a variety of fun science experiments, and another show that got kids up dancing the wiggles out.

Live shows at the museum

We would normally share ticket pricing and similar information, but the Atlanta Children’s Museum is currently closed for renovations, and will be opening again in late 2015. This is a very exciting time! We can’t wait to see what new exhibits will come out of the renovation.

Playing with toy trains

Playing with toy trains

Check out their website or visit them on Instagram to find out what they are up to, purchase a membership, and get the details of their grand reopening!

2016 update

Tickets are cheaper online, so visit their site before your visit to purchase tickets and save a few dollars, plus get tips on the best days and times to visit.

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