Mice on Main: A Scavenger Hunt to Thrill All Ages

Mice on Main

I love road trips. One of my favorite things about road trips is venturing off the usual beaten path and finding what makes a community interesting and colorful. Greenville, South Carolina is a pretty little downtown with a fun, quirky feature – the Mice on Main, a scavenger hunt for nine tiny bronze mice hidden along Main Street.

Mice on Main, Greenville, SC

Possibly the coolest senior project ever, the Mice on Main were the work of a young man named Jim Ryan in 2000. He partnered with sculptor Zan Wells to create the hunt based on the mice in the story Goodnight Moon, which his mother read to him when he was little.

Mice on Main

The mice trail from the Hyatt to the Westin Poinsett Hotel, a stretch of about six blocks. You can pick up a map and list of clues at the Mast General Store, but it was easier for us to follow the hints on the website here.

Mice on Main

We had such a great time, exploring the streets and looking for the cunning little mice in their hiding spots. It was a fantastic family activity, and so cute and fun!

Mice on Main

There were other families on the adventure, too, and we worked together to find the difficult ones. There were two that we had to walk up and down for a while looking for….it took some effort to keep the little one engaged, but there was no way Daddy was leaving without finding all nine!

We didn’t want to give away too much here and ruin the fun. If you get really stuck, there are a few places to look for additional hints online. Check out Flickr and Facebook for photos other searchers have taken.

Mice on Main

Want to continue the adventure? There are Mice on Main t-shirts, games, and even a book available! Have fun!


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