Roadtripping: San Francisco Drive-By Style

Family at Golden Gate Bridge

We started our day in Redding and had a slow morning as we set off on our plan to drive down the California coastline. We decided to take the scenic route, following Highways 1 and 101 and seeing what ever we happened along.

Our first stop was in San Francisco. Unfortunately this wasn’t a trip with lots of spare time to explore the city, because we definitely could spend days on end doing that! Instead, it


 was mostly about drive-by experiences. We cruised along the waterfront, checking out Fisherman’s Wharf and the usual spots.

The windows were down, so when Bria heard a busker singing “Milkshake,” she joined in and started singing along. He had a great big afro that waved back and forth when he sang, which just made her love him that much more.LombardStreet

Next we made our way down Lombard Street. According to, Lombard is not the windiest or the steepest street in San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the most famous! It was really fun to watch the children’s reactions, and snap a few lovely photographs.


The next stop on our itinerary (loose though it was) brought us to the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove across the bridge, then through a gorgeous neighborhood overlooking a marina and the harbor, then back to the amazing views at Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

There is just something about the Golden Gate Bridge that makes it one of those iconic things you simply have to lay eyes on. For miles as we approached San Francisco the kids were trying to spot in on the horizon – everyone was eager and engaged. That says a lot, right there!

At its completion in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was the largest suspension span in the world. The bridge held this title until the Verrazano Narrows Bridge was constructed in New York 27 years later. Today it is number nine on the list. Apparently a lot of tourists agree that the site is an important one to see – around 41 million people a year cross the bridge, counting traffic going both directions.

After a stop for some family photos, we were back on the road, southbound again!

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