Roadtripping: Highlights from the California Coast

Sunset on the California beach

Our California coastal drive was beautiful and long! I’m not sure we really respected just how large California is when we were in the planning phase. As the day wore on we needed to stop for food, so we pulled into the little town of Pacifica. We settled on what looked like a mom and pop cafe, and it turned out to be quite a surprise – the menu was Malaysian and Thai and super yummy.

Everyone really enjoyed the meal and we left full, full, full. We had curry and pad thai and short ribs and more, with sticky rice and fun, interesting drinks. It was a lovely treat for our afternoon, and a great break from the monotony of the car ride.

A bit down the road sunset was approaching, so we decided to find a nice spot on the beach to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

We stopped at Moss Landing, a quiet spot in Monterey County, and climbed over a little hill to a beautiful expanse of sand and the rolling waves of the ocean.

Playing on the beach

It was windy, but lovely. We watched the sun go down, took some pretty photos, and then packed it in to move along to San Simeon.

The drive to San Simeon was pretty wild, and probably could have better timed! Just as it got to be pitch black we came upon a sign that announced 63 miles of “hills and curves” to round out the evening.

Finally, with everyone in the back seat asleep, we arrived in San Simeon, where we had a super spacious “family room” with a king size bed and a pair of queen beds in it…and crashed for the night, exhausted from a long day.

The next morning we had fast food for breakfast, then lunch was at a little burger shack in Carpentaria called “The Spot.” We spent some time enjoying the beach, then set out on the day’s drive, which included beautiful coastal towns and California beaches. We saw the pier from The Lost Boys and miles and miles of Malibu homes literally on the beach – with stilts holding them above the sand.

Our day ended with dinner with Justin’s godfather and heading to the airport for the big event!

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